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Badr Al Samaa Launches Centre for Cancer Care in Association with Karkinos

Badr Karkinos Centre for Cancer Care which happens to be the first of its kind cancer care in any private healthcare in the Sultanate of Oman was launched in Badr Al Samaa Group in Association with Karkinos Healthcare, India. The event was attended by the Board of Directors of Badr Al Samaa, Abdul Latheef, Dr. P A Mohammed, Executive Directors, Firasat Hassan and Moiedeen Bilal, Management Consultant Keshav Das, CEO  Sameer PT  and senior management along with Dr. Ramdas K, Director Clinical Operations, Karkinos Healthcare, former additional Director RCC Trivandrum, India, Dr Ajith Nambiar, Director, and Head Pathology and Lab services, Karkinos Healthcare, Dr. Boaz Vincent, Radiation Oncologist and Dr. Saumya.

Karkinos Healthcare is a comprehensive technology driven oncology focused managed healthcare platform that provides world class care closer to one’s home. Karkinos is on a mission to provide end-to-end care solutions where no person is deprived of care, for lack of access or affordability, which goes hand in hand with Badr motto of providing affordable healthcare to common public. It is a platform built on state of the art technology curated for oncology, knowledge network with medical protocols, surgical skills, and digital pathology center and with distributed care centers. The fundamental principle of Karkinos health is democratization of cancer care in a participatory fashion with existing health providers, researchers and technologists.

 “We are honoured to launch the most advanced Centre for Cancer Care in association with Karkinos in the private healthcare sector of Sultanate and our initial plan is to start cancer screening and early detection services in all 13 centres of Badr Al Samaa, “said Board of Directors, Badr Al Samaa.

Dr. Boaz Vincent while briefing about the program stated that” we will implement this program in a phased manner and in the first Stage we will have Cancer Early Detection Program: Grass rootlevel, large scale health checkups, awareness campaigning and cancer screening across all units of Badr Al Samaa. Second Stage we will introduce Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and simple surgeries at Badr Al Samaa, Ruwi and Alkhoud and in the third stage will have Tertiary center for cancer treatment like PET Scan and  dedicated comprehensive cancer care units”.

Citizens and residents who wish to participate can undergo a detailed questionnaire including history and symptoms which give the risk of developing any of the six most common cancers followed by personalized, protocol based screening tests. The cost of this initial screening (Cancer early detection program)is RO 5.000 (Five Rial) only which includes consultation, counseling and a filling up of detailed questionnaire . 

All screenings tests are based on WHO and other standard international guidelines. With this Badr Al Samaa is aiming to detect pre-cancer symptoms and early cancers and provide adequate treatment. It is aimed to diagnose five common cancers including Breast, Colorectal, Cervical, Oral and Prostate cancers in the early stages. 


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