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Badr Al Samaa Hospital, Ruwi organized an event: Back to Life with Badr. Under this program Badr Al Samaa celebrates the fighting spirit of critically ill COVID-19 recovered patients. This program was organized to salute and admire such real heroes.

More than 80 critically ill COVID-19 patients recovered at Badr Al Samaa Hospital, Ruwi attended the event and many of them shared their heart-touching stories of caring hospitalization and expressed gratitude towards Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals. A memento and a token of love were presented to each of the COVID-19 recovered patients. Team of Internal Medicine, Dr Basheer A, Dr. Ravi Perumal, Dr. Manohar Noone and Dr. Thasli Thankachan presented the mementos to all survivors.

Dr. Basheer A, Chief Internist, Badr Al Samaa Hospital, Ruwi in his welcome address said that Badr Al Samaa Group is the first to admit COVID-19 patient in the private healthcare sector, first to do prone ventilation, first to successfully treat pregnant lady on ventilator. The recovery rate is more than 99% across our group in COVID-19 treatment. 

Abdul Latheef, Managing Director in his address said being the largest healthcare provider our share of responsibilities in pandemic was also big and so were the challenges but Badr Al Samaa sailed through with the team efforts and streamlined every challenge like shortage of staff, expansion of beds, availability of medicines, etc. We treated hundreds of patients for free and gave considerable discounts to many in view of our corporate social responsibility. 

Dr P A Mohammed, Managing Director in his address said in the beginning of the pandemic, for COVID-19, Badr Al Samaa had dedicated 25 normal beds, 16 ICU beds and 8 ventilators and the number at the peak of COVID-19 grew to 113 normal beds, 29 ICU beds and 19 ventilators. In the whole of the private sector Badr Al Samaa's bed contribution in Muscat region was 37% and in the rest of Oman it was 90%. 35% of total available for COVID-19 in the private healthcare sector belonged to Badr Al Samaa.

Sameer PT, CEO, said as pandemic was new for us but we learned through and handled it much batter. Our team has become expert in COVID-19 and that is the reason our success rate is high. Not just COVID-19 treatment but Badr Al Samaa was leading in RT-PCR tests and vaccinations, more than 3,50,000 till now.

Samuel Kutty, Senior Editor, Oman Observer who was critically ill with COVID-19 and developed heart problem, renal failure, pleural effusion but eventually got recovered at Badr Al Samaa Hospital said that the medical team of Badr Al Samaa felicitated the miracle which God had planned for him. He thanked everyone at Badr Al Samaa and his friend circle who stood by him during his recovery. 

Dr. Benny Panakkal, Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiology and Group Medical Director said he never knew that COVID-19 can cause heart attacks but eventually he experienced many cases of heart attacks happening due to COVID-19. He said we made it mandatory to test everyone coming to ICU for COVID-19 and miraculously found the many patients who were presented with heart attacks were actually having COVID-19.  

Nisha Mol, critically ill COVID-19 survivor who was pregnant during her hospitalization attended the event with her baby; both mother and baby were healthy. She said that care and treatment extended by Dr Basheer and staff nurse really help me to survive the pandemic. Also the comfort and confidence given by Dr Basheer in fact gave not only a positive outcome but a second lease of life to me and my child. 

Dr. Ravi Perumal, Specialist Internist, said that the COVID-19 situation is well under control now especially due to aggressive vaccination drive in which Badr Al Samaa is a major service provider. He said during COVID-19 treatment along with the treatment we had to give a lot of moral support to the patients who were isolated from families to keep them motivated and positive. 

Navneetha a critically ill COVID-19 survivor said she is full of emotions to hear the life saving stories of everyone present in the event. She said doctors, nurses and all staff has been exemplary in the professional conduct. She said she looks everyone in Badr Al Samaa as God’s messages, she said this experience is big eye opener for her and she’ll always remember Badr Al Samaa for this new life. 

B Shivasubramaniam, CEO L&T, Oman, Qatar & UAE and husband of Navneetha said many case studies revealed that many companies are purpose driven and were benevolent in nature; he said he experienced same qualities in Badr Al Samaa. He congratulated Badr Al Samaa for their service to humanity.

Dr. Manohar Noone, Specialist Internist said it had been challenging for entire world, whole world was gasping for breath. He said it gives immense pleasure to see everyone working as a team to gain control on the situation and fortunately we are in much better position now.

Nelson P V, Faculty, National University of Science and Technology critically ill COVID-19 recovered patient expressed gratitude, appreciation and love for the team of Badr Al Samaa. He said no one wants to remember their ordeal with COVID-19 but we would love to remember the people for lifetime who have been behind our survival. He said culture at Badr Al Samaa is true to its motto, more than healthcare humane care. 

Dr. Thasli Thankachan, Specialist Internist said since last 19 years Badr Al Samaa has been delivering quality healthcare services and during this pandemic we acted as true leaders in private healthcare. He appreciated everyone in Badr Al Samaa for their dedication and commitment in the service of mankind. 

NSS Subramanian, CEO Oasis Water and husband of one critically ill COVID-19 recovered patient said after COVID-19 lot of complications came in the light and he suggested everyone to get them screened after recovering from COVID-19. Badr Al Samaa has a culture of putting the patients above everyone and during the treatment of his wife; he experienced it to his best. 

Wisely Babu, critically ill COVID-19 recovered patient said doctors at Badr Al Samaa are very supportive and gave him hopes and emotional support during his treatment. He said the team at Badr Al Samaa made the difficult phase of his life as the easiest by their behavior and professional conduct. 

Jayan, Senior Official, Asian Paints, a COVID-19 recovered patient said I was lucky to get a bed when his oxygen saturation fell to 70%. He said the nurses and doctors during the treatment took care of even the smallest of things and made him comfortable during the stay. He appreciated all the staff for sacrificing their personal life for a greater cause. 

Swaminathan Ghaneshan, critically ill COVID-19 recovered patient attended the event to express gratitude to the team of Badr Al Samaa for saving his life. He said during his 17 days of admission there was not a day, when he didn’t feel touched by the staff. He said the care and commitment of the staff was exemplary.

Dr. Suhail C K, Critical Care Specialist said I am proud to be a doctor when I see so many critically ill COVID-19 survivors sitting in front of him. He said scarcity of COVID-19 ICU beds was a big challenge but Badr Al Samaa kept on increasing capacity across the group and streamlining staff and medicine shortage. 

K O Devassy, Chief Marketing Officer in his thank you note said Badr Al Samaa group has always been shoulder to shoulder with the Ministry of Health, corporates, various social organizations and embassies in handling the pandemic. He stated that the service provided by Badr Al Samaaa’s medical team; the COVID warriors has been commendable during these challenging times and deserves a special mentioning and appreciation.

Asif Shah, Head Branding & Communication who was also the host of the event said after God’s grace the doctors, nurses, paramedics and all healthcare staff has been instrumental in making the difference and getting hundreds of critically ill patients back to life. But one thing without which this wouldn’t have been possible is the fighting spirit and desire to live of the patients undergoing the challenging moments of their lives.

Representatives of all hospital departments were also felicitated by managing directors of Badr Al Samaa with mementos for their selfless service towards patients in the times of COVID-19.

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