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Badr Al Samaa Hospital, Al Khoud organized Continuous Medical Education (CME) on “Sports Medicine and Recent Advances”. The main speaker of the event was Dr. Shafiq Mohamed. A, DNB, Diploma in Ortho, Fellow in Shoulder and Sports Medicine, Specialist Othopaedician, Badr Al Samaa Hospital, Al Khould. More than 100 doctors from Muscat and Al Batinah region were present on the occasion. The CME was accredited by Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) with 2 credited points to speaker and 0.5 credit points to participants.

Mr. Naveej Vinod, Executive Director, in his welcome address laid emphasis on organizing CME’s on unique and untouched topics of varied specialities. The field of medicine witnessing tremendous advances, it becomes imperative for the doctors to maintain professional competence and adhere to evidence-based medical practice. And continuous learning helps to increase in doctors’ knowledge, performance and patients’ outcome.  However, considering all the incentives to keep learning, Badr Al Samaa has been organising effective CMEs, and satisfies the hunger for knowledge update, of the doctors and ultimately realise the goal of improving health outcomes of the patients. Medical licensing body in the sultanate is also encouraging the medical fraternity, engaging in unbiased, credible learning activities. He pointed out that Sports Medicine is a specialized area of Orthopaedics that has witnessed a rise in number of cases and demand attention by qualified and experienced specialists of the same field. 

Dr. Ashik Iqbal K, Specialist Orthopaedician introduced Dr. Shafeek Mohammed and presented his rich educational background and expertise to the participants. Dr. Shafiq has fellowships in sports medicine and shoulder treatment which holds much importance in treating sports related cases. His experience of operating with renowned surgeons in India was very appreciated by the attendees and gave them enough confidence to refer cases to him in the future. 

In his presentation, Dr. Shafiq Mohamed said that soccer is the most popular sports in the Sultanate. Increasing participation in this game has increased the number of injuries especially associated with articular cartilage injuries in such high-impact sport. More injuries happen in competitive level games. Players having Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 30 are more prone to such incidences. He said increasing weight bearing activities in atheletes increases the volume and thickness of articular cartilage, which proves fatal with time. He said cartilage injuries are serious injuries which can lead to inability to play if not given proper attention. Proper diagnosis is very important to establish the line of treatment. In many cases functional MRI and diagnostic arthroscopy proves useful for precision diagnosis. He also mentioned that in the recovery physiotherapy and rehabilitation plays a very important role. Dr. Shafiq said that not every sports injury requires surgery. He explained FIFA 11+ protocol which is ACL injury prevention program designed to be performed by players. Players and teams can reduce their rate of ACL injury using a series of simple warm up exercises mentioned in the protocol. Not just soccer it applies to other sports like basketball, badminton, etc.  Dr. Shafiq focused on many technicalities and procedure related slides in his presentation. He explained the right approach to be established for every type of sports related injuries. 

Dr. Sajjad Subair Kutty, Specialist Orthopaedician chaired the interactive session which witnessed good participation from the attendees. The speakers cleared their doubts with facts and real life examples. Dr. Shafeek Mohammed, Group CEO in his closing note thanked Dr. Shafiq for choosing such a niche topic based on two reasons – growing number of cases due to increase in sports activities and less availability of sports medicine experts. He mentioned as time is important in heart attack and stroke, it is important in sports injuries which demands correction at the earlier stage otherwise some critical cases may face lifelong disability. He said all diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation modalities are available at Badr Al Samaa and their doctors have been treating sports related injuries with effective results. Dr. Grazina P Boaz, General Practitioner compared the event.

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