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On 06 MAY 2019 | LIFESTYLE


On 06 MAY 2019 | LIFESTYLE




​Common skin problems like acne, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage and freckles can drastically affect the appearance and texture of the skin, and at times, even leave permanent scars and marks. Though most of these problems can be treated using topical medications, one may not get the desired results as these formulations can only manage the condition superficially. The simple solution to this problem is Chemical Peel.

An advanced treatment system that involves deep exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin using chemical peels, this procedure can improve the texture, tone, colour of the skin by smoothing fine wrinkles, clearing break-outs, correcting imperfections and scars, reducing the effect of sun damage and stimulating new collagen for visibly healthier, younger looking skin. ​

What Is Chemical Peel?

A safe and simple cosmetic treatment that helps improve the appearance of dull, affected or ageing skin, Chemical Peel is performed using organic acids or peels of defined strengths. The procedure, which is usually done on the face, neck and arms can be safely performed in both men and women including teenagers by trained Dermatologists with utmost care and precision. The type, duration (number of sessions) and strength of the peels used for the procedure will be decided by the doctor after a thorough evaluation of the candidate and the severity of his or her skin condition.

How do Chemical Peels Work?

Chemical Peel is a skin treatment technique that involves using organic acids or peels to exfoliate the superficial layer of the skin.

The process induces collagen re-modelling and promotes healthy skin cell regeneration to reveal brighter, younger looking skin with lesser wrinkles, blemishes and scars.

Reduces the impact of sun damage and discoloration on the skin.

Rejuvenates oily, lifeless, acne / pimple prone skin and removes acne scars.

Hydrates the skin.

Lends an even tone to the skin by clearing blemishes, pigmentation, tanning, uneven tone, open pores and scars.

What Are The Different Types Of Chemical Peels?

The doctor will decide the intensity and duration of the Chemical Peel treatment based on the severity of the skin problem. There are three types of peels:

Superficial Peel, which gently exfoliates the skin to rectify mild skin discoloration, make the skin smoother.

Medium Peel, which penetrates to middle layers of skin to remove damaged skin cells. This treatment is used to get rid of age spots, fine lines / wrinkles, freckles and moderate skin discoloration.

Deep Peel, which helps remove moderate lines, age spots, freckles and shallow scars. One can see the visible improvement in the way the skin looks and feels.

How Are Chemical Peels Performed?

Chemical Peel should be done by a Dermatologist who is trained in advanced skin treatment techniques. A Dermatologist can assess the person’s condition medically and ensure that there are no underlying health problems, before creating a cutsomised treatment plan.

The process:

The patient’s eyes will be closed during the procedure.

The skin is cleaned thoroughly and the chemical peel is applied.

The peel will be neutralized after the prescribed time (the whole process is timed).

A mild, burning sensation is perfectly normal.

Skin of people who’ve undergone Chemical Peel will be extra sensitive to sunlight. The doctor will provide a detailed guideline as to what should be done when.

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    11 months ago heather